Work and Study in Singapore

Singapore has risen in popularity in the last decade as the preferred education hub. It has been noted that Singapore has risen up greatly in the rankings from Asia in the QS World University Rankings. Mentioned below are various ways to work and study in Singapore.

Lifestyle in Singapore

Singapore, a city-state is connected to India via air from all major Indian cities. Singapore has Institutions like NUS and Nanyang Technological University which are quite popular among Indian students. A large number of expatriates including a major portion of migrant labour force happen to be Indians therefore it is quite easy for Indian students to feel comfortable and at home amidst the citizens of Singapore.

Since such a large number of Indians is found in Singapore, there is a special place in Singapore called Little India which has numerous establishments run by people of Indian origin. Even the transportation system is very good. Conveyance in the form of public transport connects each part of the city very well. So, newly arrived Indian students who have come to work and study in singapore should not have a hard time getting to their desired location. Moreover, the Mass Rapid Transit System train network is a very comfortable ride and gets you from one place to another within no time.

Guidelines for people looking for part-time jobs

There are strict guidelines maintained by institutions in Singapore, such as the maximum number of work hours for international students is 16 hours/week. Over and above this requires a special work permit. Such rules help stay focused on the main objective which is securing a degree.

Popular jobs for Indian students:

  • Students having good typing skills should apply them in the form of data entry operators. If you do not have such skills, no worries!
  • Any student can serve as a waiter in a restaurant. The job offers basic pay and is labour intensive.
  • If you possess cooking skills then you can fulfill your long term dream of becoming a chef by first serving as an apprentice to a chef while pursuing your education simultaneously. Since there are many Indian restaurants in Singapore, most owners hire Indians as well.
  • If you know languages such as German, Spanish, Russian or French then there is a good chance that you can get translation assignments or a golden opportunity to work as an interpreter. This job pays quite well.
  • If you are aware, you shall be able to find simple jobs in your university as well. Jobs such as typing names of students enrolled in the particular year or even working as a bookkeeper in a library can get the job done for you.
  • Most institutions have a Careers Team which helps students secure jobs. All you have to do is enroll and keep checking for updates. Also check with restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets close to your residence. Students working in restaurants get free meals and ones working in shopping malls get certain discounts on purchased products.
  • Although pay-scale depends largely upon nature of job, students in general can earn around $1000-$2500 per month. If you are a freelancer then there are several opportunities for you. Graphic designers and programmers are in high demand and can work from the comfort of their hostel rooms. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Freelancing does offer a good sum of money.

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    Work and Study in Singapore

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