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Study in New Zealand to Spark your Career

Located in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a mesmerizing island that is connected to the whole world with the international flights and off course with the internet. Being an Island, this places is home to people from different cultures that include Maori, Asian, Pakeha, and Pacific. It has 8 universities of international level that deliver education of high standards and offer degree recognized in the whole world.

Why Study in New Zealand

  • With the unique educational system, New Zealand’s universities encouraged lateral thinking in students to find their own solutions to problems.
  • New Zealand universities advocate the importance of research and internships as it helps students to learn subject practically.
  • English is most popular language in New Zealand that make it perfect places for foreign students as they find no difficulty in communication.
  • New Zealand universities offer courses of all level, from under graduation to Ph.D. level.
  • New Zealand is a little expensive place but you can work while studying here and sustain your expenses easily.

Requirements To Apply For Study Visa In New Zealand

You will need student Visa if applying for the full-time course. But in case the course length is 3 months or less, then visitor visa will do. The requirement to apply for a student visa is:

  • You will need Identity proofs that include passport, birth certificate, national identity card, etc.
  • Medical and travel Insurance
  • Financial proof that you can support yourself completely.
  • Police character certificate that you have no criminal record.
  • Any work experience
  • English proficiency certificate

Other requirements for student visa

  • Offer of place by educational institute
  • If you are under 18, you need written guarantee about availability of accommodation in New Zealand
  • Return ticket or money to purchase it.
  • Tuberculosis test if course staying more than 6 months

How can ISA Migrations help you to Study in New Zealand?

ISA Migration has helped many students to get New Zealand Student Visa. We take care of everything from filling up the application form to till student lands to the New Zealand. Our services include:

  • Guidance to choose right university and right course.
  • Help to get good scores in English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOFELs, etc.
  • To find a good scholarship for studying in New Zealand.
  • To get an apt visa for the student.

Call us to get more details about getting student Visa for studying in New Zealand.

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